d) The Network Coordinating Office


The Network Coordinating Office of LANDSCAPE EUROPE has the following tasks:

  • coordination and facilitation of network activities;
  • project acquistion;
  • network communations and services;
  • dissemination of information;
  • workshop organisation;
  • periodic contact with policy institutions.
  • website management

Staff members of partners will be asked to join the LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network Coordination Office on the basis of secondment for clearly described tasks related to both research management and promotion of LANDSCAPE EUROPE in Europe. That means they will be both research co-ordinators as well as ambassadors for LANDSCAPE EUROPE. Specific tasks of the network can also be carried out in designated satellite offices with the partners. All defined tasks and secondments should lead to recognisable results.

The LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network Coordination Office can in principle be hosted by any Full Member of the LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network. In order to become host institute for the Network Office, institute are required to provide a detailed funding and staffing plan to ensure that the Network Office can operate properly.

Currently the LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network Coordination Office (= front office) is hosted by Alterra Wageningen UR, for which basic funding is provided by Alterra, and further funds are secured by the Network, and to which staff from partners is invited in the form of secondments.