a) The Executive Board.

Seven members + chair, elected by the General Board for periods of 2 years, and appointing the chair out of their midst (no restriction on periods); membership of Executive Board is personal, but can be delegated to a colleague.

The Executive Board shall provide a relatively even representation of Network Partner institutes throughout the different European regions (Scandinavia, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean).

The Executive Board meets at least once per year. However, the opportunity of professional events such as international workshop, seminars or conferences should be used for arranging additional meetings. Executive Board Members are requested to provide the funds for participating at these meetings from their institutional resources

Since Executive Board Membership is based on even European distributions and on the ability/willingness to fulfil certain responsibilities, a nomination of candidate members will need to reflect this type of eligibility. However, candidate members for the Executive Board will need to be confirmed by all LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network Members through direct voting (on the event of a Network Membership Assembly) or by participating at an electronic mailing.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Executive Board:

- Final decisions on all Network affairs
- Development of the Network Strategy
- Setting up Annual Work Programmes
- Appointment of Acting Chair
- Representation of LANDSCAPE EUROPE

The current composition of the Executive Board is:

- Peter Bezák - ILE SAS (SK) - Network Co-ordinator
- Bas Pedroli - Alterra (NL)
- Maria Luisa Paracchini - JRC (I)
- Christopher Goerg - UFZ (D)
- Paul Scholefield - CEH (UK)
- Felix Kienast - WSL (CH)