Starting from this basis we specifically aim to:

  1. enhance scientific research focussing on the landscape level, by
    ·  stimulating cooperation between humanities and life sciences;
    ·  developing the concept of landscapes towards a methodologically and practically mature approach for integrated environmental assessment on the basis of territorial (landscape) units;
    ·  promoting practical landscape studies in parallel research over the various geographical regions of Europe;
    ·  disseminating landscape research results through publications, web sites, seminars and congresses;

  2. co-ordinate data management, by
    ·  establishing a specialised clearinghouse service on European landscapes with active data compilation with geographically referenced data on key landscape aspects and scientific information;
    ·  making full use of modern, state-of-the-art assessment based on Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing techniques and relational data base development;
  3. support international, regional and national policy, by
    ·  co-ordinating, applying and exploiting the available knowledge in the field of landscape management, nature conservation, management of cultural heritage, multifunctional agriculture, recreation and landscape design;
    ·  advising policy institutions at national and international level, both governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations, on the
       development of landscape visions and management instruments (financial, juridical, ecological-technical and awareness development);

  4. reinforce academic education and training within these fields, by
    ·  bringing together international MSc and post-graduate education throughout Europe;
    ·  organising inter-university PhD-courses;
    ·  promoting the establishment of special chairs for landscape science.