The objective of LANDSCAPE EUROPE is to develop into a truly representative Network of Expertise on the basis of a common research programme, in the light of the following Joint Programme of Activities:

  1. integrating research activities, by

    ·   co-programming of landscape research on the basis of territorial (landscape) units & indicators;
    ·   make landscape management an integrated component of environmental research sectors;

  2. co-ordinate network and data management, by

    ·  establishing a clearinghouse service on European landscapes with active data exchange;
    ·  establish strict communication and cooperation rules for all members; 

  3. seek active cooperation with stakeholders from business and policy, by

    ·   knowledge transfer in-between all users and decisions makers on landscape issues;
    ·   provide policy institutions with landscape instruments;

  4. spread excellence through academic education and training, by

    ·  bringing together international MSc and post-graduate education in the various institutes;
    ·  organising inter-university PhD-courses;
    ·  disseminating research results through publications, web sites, seminars and congresses.