Expertise of DISA

The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (DISA) is part of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Udine (Italy). The department staff amounts to about 120 people (teaching staff, scientists, post-docs, PhD students, visiting scientists, technicians and administration staff). The Department develops its activity in the fields of agronomy, plant sciences, soil science, food and no-food annual crops, horticulture and viticulture, genetics and breeding, land use analysis, remote sensing and GIS application, rural and landscape engineering.

In particular, the research group working in the field of ecology applied to rural and natural management and planning is involved in studies and projects linked to: 

  • sustainable rural land use; 
  • effectiveness of Planning Instruments and Programmes and their Evaluation;
  • evaluation of effects of agri-environmental measures on landscape and biodiversity;
  • applied GIS technologies in landscape assessement and planning;
  • participative planning instruments for rural land and protected areas;
  • carbon balance of agricultural and forestry ecosystems; 
  • phytoremediation and phytostabilization. 

Our research approaches are interdisciplinary and focussed on landscape function assessment, analysis of trends and dynamics (pressures, drivers) and assessment of impacts of human activities on landscape. Research comprises activities on different spatial scales, ranging from local to national and international level.