Expertise of UE

The Department of Geography of the University of the Aegean in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece, is the first Department of Geography in Greece. It was

officially established in 1989 and it was launched in 1994-1995.

The aim of the Department is to offer a complete programme of undergraduate and graduate education in Geography that observes and responds to

the both the international developments in the field and the needs and particularities of the study of spatial problems in Greece and its role in the

wider Mediterranean and European territory. Since 1994 the Department of Geography follows a dynamic development trajectory. It offers a complete

Programme of Undergraduate Studies that continuously adapts to the academic and professional demands of the field. Since 2001-02 it has also a

Programme of Graduate Studies entitled «Geography and Planning in Europe and the Mediterranean» which, beginning with the academic year 2005-

06 it will be changed to «Geography and Applied Geo-Informatics».