Expertise of UNIBUC

UNIBUC-ECO – has been established and developed progressively at the University of Bucharest, as an institutional infrastructure able to promote transdisciplinary research and education programme in systems ecology and sustainable development.

Both research and postgraduate activities are relying on a wide last generation spectrum of equipment and facilities. In addition to well equipped laboratories established in Bucharest, there are also available: a) a well equipped research ship for working in the Lower Danube River System; b) a mobile laboratory for field work on terrestrial and fresh water ecosystems and c) the basic logistics at two field stations ( in Sinaia and Braila).

The staff members of the department have expertise in the following main complementary areas: development and training of human resources; research on biological and ecological mechanisms and processes, such as: species richness, population dynamics, energy flow, biogeochemical cycles of nutrients, heavy metals and radionuclids, the impact of eutrophication on biodiversity and functioning of fresh water ecosystems, primary and secondary productivity; characterization and modeling of the dynamics of the structure, productivity and resilience of different natural, seminatural and man-dominated ecological systems; ecotoxicology; applied research dealing with: rehabilitation and reconstruction of landscapes for diffuse pollution control and biodiversity conservation in rural areas; wetlands conservation and restoration; biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of the forest ecosystems; development and management of the network of protected areas; social analysis and conflict management; economic analysis of the ecosystem functions; ecological footprint assessment for local and national socio-economic systems.

DSES-UNIBUC is playing an essential role for the development of national infrastructure for transdisciplinary and long term research on socio- ecological systems. (SEcS-Ro/ NURC/ 2005-08).