Expertise of LEI

LEI is one of the research institutes at the Wageningen University and Research Centre. Its head offices are situated in The Hague. Within the Netherlands, it is the leading institute for economic research in the field of agriculture, horticulture and fisheries, the management of rural areas, agribusiness and the production and consumption of foodstuffs. The growing integration of agriculture and agribusiness on the one hand and the social environment on the other is an important starting point for LEI's research, both nationally and internationally. In this context, the research supports the decisions that government bodies and businesses need to make in the field of competition, the regulation of production chains, spatial planning, environmental protection, natural resources, European agricultural policy and global trade.


All kinds of developments - such as policy, innovation and competition - result in modifications having to be made in the various branches of agriculture. The many regulations and restrictions require closer management, supported by complex operating systems. Innovation for the fields of expertise is one of the driving forces of LEI. In addition to strategic research for the purposes of long-term policy, the institute also carries out applied research relating to the management of sectors, rural areas and enterprises.

Statutory and service-provision tasks

LEI carries out a great deal of statutory tasks and tasks relating to service-provision for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The Agricultural Economic Report and numerous other reports published each year give an impression of the financial and economic position of enterprises and sectors. In addition, we make our expertise available for issues in other countries and for international issues.