Expertise of AU-ENVS


ENVS is Department of Environmental Science under of Aarhus University (AU). AU-ENVS undertakes scientific consultancy work, monitoring of nature and the environment as well as applied and strategic research. AU-ENVS’s task is to establish a scientific foundation for environmental policy decisions. AU-ENVS is organized in eight research departments.
The activities undertaken by 
AU-ENVS fall into five main categories:

AU-ENVS undertakes both applied research and development work directed at alleviating specific environmental problems as well as long-term strategic research. The research supports AU-ENVS's scientific consultancy and monitoring activities.

AU-ENVS undertakes monitoring in order to evaluate the effect of policy measures and to provide an overview of developments in order to facilitate the early identification of environmental problems. AU-ENVS cooperates internationally in the field of environmental data.

AU-ENVS serves as scientific advisor to the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Climate and Energy, the Mineral Resources Administration for Greenland as well as other public authorities, private organisations and enterprises. Advisory services are provided in the form of analyses, evaluations and replies to enquiries, as well as through the participation of AU-ENVS staff in various commissions and committees.

Researcher training
AU-ENVS contributes to training researchers as well as to further education within AU-ENVS’s competence areas. This takes place via training and supervision of PhD students and students engaged in dissertation preparation, research professorships, external lectureships, courses, etc. 

Dissemination of information
AU-ENVS disseminates knowledge and findings through various channels, primarily AU-ENVS's website. Research results are communicated via scientific papers in international journals. Monitoring results and consultancy reports are published in scientific reports as well as via databanks. Additionally, AU-ENVS contributes to popular scientific articles and reports in the mass media. AU-ENVS publishes an electronic newsletter in Danish, 'DMUNyt'. Furthermore, AU-ENVS disseminates knowledge through participation in meetings and symposia.


AU-ENVS's expertise is concentrated within the areas: natural processes and the state of the environment; tools and models for integrated environmental assessment and monitoring of species and habitats; the general state of the environment and social science aspects of environment.