Expertise of ILE-SAS

The Institute of Landscape Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is an interdisciplinary scientific institution for basic and applied research in landscape ecology. ILE SAS was established in 1990, as the continuator of the Institute of Experimental Biology and Ecology SAS and Institute of Landscape Biology SAS (since 1965). Institute of Landscape Biology SAS was the first one in former Czechoslovakia which started to deal with the problems of landscape ecology in time when this discipline was not established yet. In the present, the institute is built by 3 departments: Department of ecosystem analyses, Department of landscape-ecological syntheses (both based in Bratislava), and Department of biodiversity of ecosystems and landscape (based in Nitra). ILE SAS is the mother institute of the methodology of landscape ecological planning LANDEP, which was suggested as methodology for integrated approach to management of natural resources in the Agenda 21 (The Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992).

The main research topics of ILE SAS are as follows:

  • the analyses, syntheses and interpretations of the abiotic, biotic and socio-economic elements of landscape for landscape ecological planning, optimal spatial organization and utilization of the landscape,
  • ecological issues of agricultural landscapes, ecological networks, maintenance of biodiversity,
  • the impact of anthropogenic factors on the landscape and EIA methodology,
  • territorial system of stress factors, structure of the present man - made landscape and
  • the nature conservation issues and management of protected areas threatened by impact of human activities.

ILE SAS has a rich experience in international cooperation. It was a consortium member of the European Topic Centre (ETC) on Nature Protection and Biodiversity (2001-2004) and continues in the ETC on Biological Diversity (2005-2008, 2009-2014). ILE SAS is active both in regional and world networks for long-term ecological research (LTER EUROPE, ILTER), co-ordinates national network of LTER Slovakia and participates in the Network of Excellence ALTER-Net, which was established during the 6th FP and continues as ALTER-Net2. Institute participated or is participating in several projects of 5th, 6th and 7th FP. ILE SAS carried out numerous national or international projects related to the main research topics of the Institute.

The Institute organizes every 3 years international symposium on problems on landscape ecological research. At the 6th International symposium organised by the ILE SAS in Piestany in 1982, the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) was founded. 15th International symposium on Problems of Landscape Ecological research will take place in September 2009 in Bratislava (for more details see section “Forthcoming events”).

ILE SAS is the publisher of international scientific journal Ekológia (Bratislava).