Expertise of Alterra Wageningen UR

Alterra Wageningen UR is the main Dutch centre of expertise on rural areas, employing over 500 staff members. Alterra is part of Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) and combines all expertise on rural areas and their sustainable use, including aspects such as water, wildlife, forests, the environment, soils, landscape, climate and recreation, as well as various other aspects relevant to the development and management of the environment we live in. Alterra engages in strategic and applied research to support policymaking and management at the local, national and international level. This includes innovative and interdisciplinary research on complex problems relating to rural areas, but also the production of readily applicable knowledge and expertise enabling rapid and adequate solutions to practical problems. The many national and international themes of Alterra's research effort include studies on land use change, relations between cities and their surrounding countryside, multiple uses of rural areas, economy and ecology, integrated water management, sustainable agricultural systems, planning for the future, expert systems and modelling, biodiversity, landscape planning and landscape perception, integrated forest management, geo-information and remote sensing, spatial planning of leisure activities, habitat creation in marine and estuarine waters, green belt development and ecological webs, pollution risk assessment, et cetera. One of our most important collaboration is our partnership within Wageningen University and Research Centre on interaction between climate changes and biosphere CCB (Climate Change on Biosphere). Alterra is leading partner in the Wageningen UR Climate Change and Biosphere Research Programme

Alterra has a a long history of fielding staff to locations all over the world to advise on, and assist in, the planning and execution of numerous international projects and study programmes. In addition, Alterra offers a strong track-record, expertise on knowledge networks, and experience. Alterra staff members have established a solid record of co-operating successfully with the staff of local counterpart institutions in local working conditions. The combination of human resources and practical experience ensures that Alterra can meet high technical standards that are required to achieve the goals of international projects and study programmes.

As many environmental issues require an international approach, international co-operation and input is essential. Alterra realises the importance of co-operation on both a national and international scale of research institutes and educational centres. Alterra is partner in the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) and provides a wide range of network services to Landscape Europe, one of the research pillars of PEER.

Recent projects related to Alterra’s international research:

  • SENSOR: Sustainability Impact Assessment: Tools for Environmental, Social and economic Effects of Multifunctional Land use in European Regions
  • ELCAI (European Landscape Character Initiative, FP5 Accompanying Measure Project)
  • ELPEN: European Livestock Policy Evaluation Network (QLK5-1999-01296)
  • PELCOM: Pan-European Land Cover Monitoring Project (ENV-CT96-0315)
  • PEEN: Indicative map of the Pan-European Ecological Network for Central and Eastern Europe
  • ENRISK: Environmental Risk Assessment for European Agriculture
  • Pastoral (QLRT-2000-00559)