Expertise of CEH

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is one of the component research organisations within the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and employs around 600 scientists across Great Britain. CEH undertakes high quality, internationally recognised research in terrestrial and freshwater environments, addressing 5 main themes: water, biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles, climate change and sustainable economies. CEH has a particular emphasis on monitoring and research that is strategic and large scale in nature.


CEH collaborates in Europe-wide scientific activities, through the science programmes of the European Union, and through its membership of PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research). It is an active member of the executive board of the Landscape Europe network and hosted the network first general assembly in January 2003.


CEH is involved in many EU funded projects including SENSOR (contract 003874), the co-ordination of BIOPRESS (ENV-CT-2002-00178), BioAssess (EVK4-1999-00280) and BioForum (EVK2-CT-1999-20006). CEH Lancaster is also coordinating the 6th Framework A Long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness research Network (ALTER-Net) Network of Excellence. CEH Lancaster is contributing to other 5th Framework projects, such as ELCAi(EVK2-CT-2002-80021 and BioHab (EVK2-CT-2002-20018.