Expertise of INBO

The Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) is a scientific institute of the Flemish Government in Belgium. INBO has resulted from the merger of the Institute for Forestry and Game Management and the Institute of Nature Conservation on January, 1st 2006.

The INBO carries out research that is essential to governmental policy and provides scientific support for conservation, development, management and sustainable use of biodiversity and its environment. It publishes the two-yearly Nature Report, which evaluates the state of nature and relevant policy efforts in Flanders.

The INBO aims to play an important role in scientific research relevant to policy and society in Flanders as well as on an international level. 270 enthusiastic, expert employees are at the service of the public administration, of specific sectors such as nature conservation, game management, fishery and forestry, and of society as a whole.

The INBO head offices are located in Brussels. Other INBO sites are in Geraardsbergen, Groenendaal, Linkebeek and Merelbeke. INBO personnel have extensive facilities at their disposal, including laboratories, greenhouses, tree nurseries, a centre for aquaculture and a library.