High resolution AppROach for ManagEMent of Surface Water EutroPhication in RuraL areas of the DUero River BaSin

By Raquel Luengo


Eutrophication is a complex process caused by the excess of nutrients in the water reservoirs and which consequences are enormous development of certain types of algae (as cyanobacteria) that deplete oxygen in the water and that lead to the absence of life in it, and their impact is particularly severe when they affect waters destined for urban supply.  It is estimated that eutrophication affects more than 50 percent of Europe’s water resources and about 75% of cyanobacterial blooms are accompanied by toxin production. Toxins released by cyanobacteria induce damage in animals and humans by acting at the molecular level and consequently affecting cells, tissues and organs. Highlight nervous, digestive, respiratory and cutaneous systems affections highlight. Moreover eutrophication is related with pollution so it is an important and complex problem.

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