Join Eurosite’s Twinning Workshop to help design twinning as a tool for sharing good practice in Natura 2000 site management.

Eurosite and its member organisation Natuurmonumenten are organising a workshop on twinning, as part of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process. Twinning is a structured collaboration between people from two natural sites allowing synergies, joint working and learning for the benefit of Europe’s nature. Natura 2000 site managers and the European Commission see an important role for twinning to improve site management practices, however a structure behind the concept is required.

During this twinning workshop you and the other participants will design the (new) Natura 2000 Twinning Framework, taking forward the experiences from Eurosite and other existing twinning programs. This Framework will capture the outcomes and lessons learned from cooperation between Natura 2000 sites and also make them accessible to the wider site management community. By contributing to this workshop, you can make sure that the Natura 2000 Twinning Framework addresses your needs.

Register for the workshop at

Where: Rotterdam area, The Netherlands

When: 30 November and 1 December 2016