Within LANDSCAPE EUROPE the landscape is seen as a flexible and multi-dimensional resource. Many disciplines need to meet in landscape research and this is also reflected in the way landscape research is organised in LANDSCAPE EUROPE.  Partners have agreed on the following  Common Research Programme.


A    Integrated landscape assessment, monitoring and modelling

a.1  Tools and references: development of common typologies, indicators and modelling linked to socio-economic concepts;

a.2  State and trends: assessments on the basis of environmental, socio-economic and cultural criteria;

a.3  Driving forces and impacts: cultural & natural effects on landscapes, ecosystems, habitats & species;

a.4  Knowledge and reporting: landscape clearing house mechanism and reporting process.


B    Integrated landscape planning, design and communication

b.1  Urban and peri-urban: landscape infrastructure and open space as life support systems;

b.2  Regions and identity: analysing & planning economic and cultural potentials of rural landscapes;

b.3  Impact and Mitigation: design, scenario & communication tools for integrated landscape planning;

b.4  Demands and supply: landscape tools for modelling economic and environmental optimisation.


C    Integrated landscape management with multi-functional objectives

c.1  Guidelines and standards: diversification of landscape functions and multifunctional agriculture;

c.2  Land use and management: assessing and guiding land use related EU policy implementation;

c.3  Nature and people: integrating human perception in sectors at the landscape level

c.4  Policies and strategies: developing and implementing landscape policies, planning and management. 


The common objective for these research activities is to develop the networks expertise in a complementary work in order to achieve a division of work of that kind that specialised institutes take the role of thematic co-ordinators and broaden their contacts to stakeholders and policy institutes at the national and sub-national level.


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