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Bioenergy Landscapes

On the 3rd of November LANDSCAPE EUROPE and REBECa organised a Seminar on Bioenergy Landscape at the National Environmental Research Institute, Arhus University, Roskilde Denmark. Info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Programme of the meeting


  1. From biomass modelling to more holistic regional bioenergy landscapes and (bio)energy portals: results from the projects ENERGEO and BioSpaceOpt, Thomas Blaschke (BioSpaceOpt, EnerGeo),  RSA
  2. The potential of second-generation biofuels production in the Netherlands under a climate-change scenario – land use impacts, Tom Kuhlman
  3. Phasing in biofuels in Denmark – Integrated assessment of transport forecasts and land use effects, Pia Frederiksen (REBECa), NERI-AU
  4. Land Use Management, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity - Developing Regulatory Measures for Sustainable Energy Crop Production, Gerd Lupp, IÖR
  5. Discussion led by Tommy Dalgaard, Faculty of Agriculture, Aarhus University
  6. Biodiversity Effects of Biomass production in Europe, Bas Pedroli, Berien Elbersen and Joop Spijker, Alterra
  7. EnergyScapes and Ecosystem Services: an analysis of the issues surrounding the deployment bioenergy crops in an English sub-catchment, Paul Scholefield, CEH
  8. Accounting for carbon and GHG emissions: balancing multiple landscape functions on farmland, Christian Pedersen, The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute
  9. The Governance of Artificial Demand: Internal and External Political Economic Consequences of Europe’s New Biofuels Policy, Aaron Leopold, UFZ

The abstracts of the papers presented in the meeting can be dowloaded here.