The overall objective is to establish an enabling environment concerning education and training within the subjects covered by the LANDSCPE EUROPE network i.e. landscape research as per the definition above. This will include information dissemination, web forums, arranging conferences, workshops and seminars as well as concrete educational activities.



The primary target group is young researchers covering e.g. PhD students and post-graduate researchers and the secondary target group is researchers, consultants and managers (e.g. government employees) demanding post-graduate training.

The overall aims are:

1.    to support and improve the research education of PhD students within the field of   landscape,

2.    to strengthen and integrate the scientific environment of the PhD students within landscape,

3.    to support and improve post graduate training of researchers, consultants and managers,

4.    to strengthen the international links.


Research topics

LANDSCAPE EUROPE has defined a common Research Programme that reflects the existing excellence as well as the future aspirations of the LANDSCAPE EUROPE Network. The educational activities will lie within these research areas:

  1. An Integrated landscape assessment, monitoring and modelling:
  2. Integrated landscape planning, design and communication;
  3. Integrated landscape management with multi-functional objectives.


Overview of potential contribution from network partners

The LANDSCAPE EUROPE network partners contribute to above mentioned areas to varying degree. An inventory is being undertaken to obtain an overview of partners and their specific area of expertise related to the research topics. The partners comprise research institutes and universities.



The first priority of LANDSCAPE EUROPE with respect to education is to establish a web page containing information about PhD education and related courses with the network partners including relevant information from national collaboration partners. A PhD web forum should be established and information about: PhD courses, PhD advisors/mentors, seminars, conferences and workshops and other relevant subjects regarding education of PhD students from the network should be provided at the web site. Specific activities would include seminars and workshops and international PhD courses on special topics. Post-graduate training programs would be considered.

The specific activities will in most cases require external funding. This can be national funding and funding from the EU. National funding may comprise PhD scholarships for foreign students as well as for students undertaking their studies abroad. Potential EU-funding comprises research projects (IP’s) and Networks of Excellence as well as funding under the Marie Curie programme.

LANDSCAPE EUROPE will strive to attract funding for the specific activities e.g. by applying for EU funding and by integrating available funds and opportunities under the LANDSCAPE EUROPE umbrella. Establishing a more formal collaboration agreement in this respect in the form of a so-called research school may be assist these efforts and may even be a precondition or premise to attract funds.